• Gordon J. Lutz, PhD Co-Founder and CEO -  Dr. Lutz is an expert in SMO engineering. He is a permanent member of the Muscular Dystrophy Association grant review committee, ad hoc reviewer for NIH, and was a member of the MDA Steering Committee for clinical trials in ALS.
  • Melanie Tallent, PhD Co-Founder and CSO - Dr. Tallent is a neuroscientist with expertise in epilepsy and other neurological disorders. She has served on several national committees of the American Epilepsy Society, and NIH study sections.

  • Michael A. Christini, JD  VP Business Development -  Mr. Christini previously was an executive with Diamyd, Inc. and founded Catherex, Inc. an oncolytic cancer company.  He has extensive operations, transactional, legal, IP and financial experience working with biotech start-ups.


  • James McArdle, PhD (CMC Consultant) - McArdle & Associates.  Dr. McArdle has 25 years of CMC experience including 16 years at SmithKline and 6 years as VP of Analytical Development and QC at ISIS Pharmaceuticals.

Board of Managers

  • Gordon J. Lutz, PhD - (see above)
  • Melanie K. Tallent, PhD - (see above)
  • Michael J. Christini, JD - (see above)

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Terry  Heiman-Patterson, MD Professor & Vice Chair Neurology, Drexel Univ. College of Med. Over 25 yrs experience with ALS patient care, PI or Co-PI on many ALS clinical trials,  and PI of long-standing ALS basic research laboratory and leading authority on proper use of ALS mice in drug development.
  • Gregory Holmes, MD  - Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Neurology, Dartmouth School of Medicine. Pediatric Neurologist specializing in epilepsy. Former President  American Epilepsy Society.  PI or Co-PI on many clinical trials in various pediatric and adult epilepsies.