• Gordon J. Lutz, PhD Co-Founder and CEO -  Dr. Lutz is an expert in SMO engineering. He is a permanent member of the Muscular Dystrophy Association grant review committee, ad hoc reviewer for NIH, and was a member of the MDA Steering Committee for clinical trials in ALS.
  • Michael A. Christini, JD   Business Development -  Mr. Christini previously was an executive with Diamyd, Inc. and founded Catherex Inc. an oncolytic cancer company sold to Amgen.  He has extensive operations, transactional, legal, IP and financial experience working with biotech start-ups.
  • Nicole Lykens, PhD  Director of Research - Dr. Lykens is a neuroscientist with expertise in SMO engineering, epilepsy and multiple animal models of neurological disease.  She leads LifeSplice's research team in the development of its products from discovery through all preclinical phases.

Board of Managers

    • Gordon J. Lutz, PhD - (see above)

Scientific Advisory Board

  • Terry  Heiman-Patterson, MD Professor & Vice Chair Neurology, Drexel Univ. College of Med. Over 25 yrs experience with ALS patient care, PI or Co-PI on many ALS clinical trials,  and PI of long-standing ALS basic research laboratory and leading authority on proper use of ALS mice in drug development.
  • Gregory Holmes, MD  - Professor and Chairman, Dept. of Neurology, Dartmouth School of Medicine. Pediatric Neurologist specializing in epilepsy. Former President  American Epilepsy Society.  PI or Co-PI on many clinical trials in various pediatric and adult epilepsies.